Senate Bill 241 – 2021 California Court Efficiency Act – Published June 10, 2021


“2021 California Court Efficiency Act”

Published June 10, 2021

Introduced by Senator Thomas Umberg

  • Sponsored by the California Defense Council and Consumer Attorneys of California.
  • Supported by: Court Reporters Board of California, Deposition Reporters Association of California, and the National Court Reporters Association.
  • Opposed by: California Court Reporters Association, SEIU California, Protect Your Record Project, and three individuals.
  • Amends and adds Business and Professions Code, section 8050.
  • Adds Business and Professions Code, section 8051.
  • Amends Code of Civil Procedure, section 1010.6.
  • Adds Code of Civil Procedure, section 367.8.
  • Adds Probate Code, section 3505.

Primary affects:

  1. Permits out-of-state entities to register with and be governed by the Court Reporters Board (CRB), and must designate a board-certified reporter-in-charge; and
  2. Permits witnesses to testify in court remotely via audiovisual technology, but only under certain circumstances.


  • Increase efficiency in courts due to COVID.
  • Expand CRB’s authority regarding certification and regulation of out-of-state court reporters.
  • CRB will provide a directory of registered entities on its website.
  • Witnesses will be allowed to appear and give testimony by remote electronic means like WebX and Zoom.
  • Witnesses may appear remotely for trials or hearings on motions.
  • Court authorization required.
  • Factors considered for remote appearances by witnesses are:
    • Is it critical or necessary?
    • Would it materially prejudice one or more parties?
    • Does the witness reside more than 100 miles from the venue?
    • If required to appear in person, would that make it impossible, difficult, or pose a risk to the witness’s health or safety?

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