CCLS Applicants

California Certification Legal Secretary (CCLS®) Exam

CCLS is a program of Legal Professionals, Incorporated, (LPI) providing educational programs and professional development.

Certification is achieved by passing a comprehensive examination. Candidates are tested in California legal procedures, legal terminology, performance skills, reasoning and ethics, law office administration, communications, and legal computations. A minimum of two years experience is required. Continuing legal education requirements must be met for recertification.

Benefits of Certification

  • Qualify for professional, personal and economic reward
  • Improve your knowledge of California legal practice and procedure
  • Broaden your opportunities for job advancement
  • Enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Gain further recognition and respect within the legal environment
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The CCLS Study Group offered by LPI was worth all my time, efforts, and energy to prepare for the CCLS exam. The classes were concise, in-depth, and comprehensive. This study group was instrumental in helping me pass the exam and the materials provided were very helpful. I passed the exam due to the wonderful instructor who devoted her time in helping me become certified, while whole-heartedly shared her knowledge and legal expertise. Passing the exam made me feel valuable, more confident in my abilities and improved my self-worth. I also acquired a deeper knowledge and understanding of different areas of law, which will enhance my value in the legal field.

Thank you to all CCLS Executive and Certifying Board Members, CCLS Members, and most importantly, the CCLS Study Class Instructor, Vivian Shreve for encouraging me to push forward with self-confidence to take and pass the CCLS exam!

Let me know if I should elaborate further or broaden the statement to all study groups and classes offered by LPI.

Erin Summers, CCLS
Litigation Division
City Attorney’s Office

The Next Move Is Up To You

  • Set your goal
  • Register for the exam
  • Study for the examination
  • Pass the examination!

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