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Qualifications for Active Membership:*

An active member shall be a person directly engaged in work of a legal nature in California who is either: (1) licensed to practice law; (2) employed as legal support staff in the office of any attorney engaged in the practice of law; (3) employed by the courts; or (4) employed in any other institution or office providing services of a legal nature.

* Student and Associate memberships may be available through certain subchapters of LPI.  Please check with the local association(s) in your area.

There are two ways to become an active member of Legal Professionals, Incorporated (“LPI”).

A Local Association Membership

LPI has over thirty local associations throughout California. By joining a local association, you also become a member of LPI and enjoy the benefits of the local association as well as LPI. Contact a representative from one of our associations by visiting the Local Association page on this website, and clicking the association of your choice. Your e-mail will be sent directly to the person assigned as the contact for that association.

Note: This form is for new memberships only.  For renewals, please contact your local association.

Click here for a list of local associations.  This form is for new memberships only.  For renewals, please contact your local association.


You may join LPI by becoming a Member-at-Large. As a Member-at-Large, you will be eligible for the majority of benefits of membership, and are eligible to attend local association meetings and events throughout California. Complete the application and process your payment online, or mail the completed application and your check made payable to LPI for $75 to LPI’s Corporate Office. Please note that the fiscal year is May 1 through April 30. LPI does not pro-rate annual dues. The approval process may take 7-10 days.

This form is only for New Membership at Large applications and Member at Large renewals.  For local association renewals, please get in touch with your local association. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us at before submitting and paying for a Member at Large  membership renewal
Apply online or print out the Application.