Helpful Court Communication Tips

By Larry McGrew, LPI Legal Procedure Chair

Have you ever experienced an issue with communications with a Court?  Some are better than others but there is still a fair share of Courts that are very hard to get a hold of, either by telephone and/or by email.

If you ever find yourself in a position that you need some information from a court, here is a simple tip that can help you get the information you seek.

  • Contact your local legal support provider/messenger service – you can send them an email or simply draft up a letter for the Clerk of the Court, or to the clerk, in the department, you are trying to reach.
  • They will either provide the information you are seeking to the messenger, or they may call you directly to discuss the situation with you over the phone.

In my many years of working with a variety of courts in California, we have found that you save more time and aggravation by simply enlisting the help of your local messenger service.  You may have to pay for the trip to the court, but I think you will find in the long run, that minimal payment is well worth the time and energy spent by constantly calling or sending emails that get no response.

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