Will the State Bar’s Paraprofessional Proposal Be Well-Received?

We recently posted regarding the California State Bar’s proposal regarding creating a paraprofessional program in California.  Under this proposal, there would be a classification of non-lawyer legal professionals who would be allowed to represent clients in certain types of legal proceedings.  There would be criteria with respect to education and experience.  Proponents of the program point out that it is a way for persons who cannot afford a lawyer to get legal help. 

The State Bar has received more than 1,200 public comments on the proposal, and the large majority of the respondents were not receptive to the idea.  In fact, 73 percent of the respondents objected to the idea.  Many individuals, including lawyers, questioned the skills and ability of the individuals who would be so classified.  Several attorneys oppose the idea that a non-lawyer could provide services to the public that many attorneys, who spent the time and money to get a law school education, now provide.  The objection is the encroachment on their potential for business. 

For further details regarding the response of the public to this proposal, including a link to the comments, please see the article on Law.com.

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