The Los Angeles Superior Court is advising the public that communications warning of a pending case against the individual, or demanding money or personal information may not be from the court or its authorized collection vendor GC Services.

Some of these fake communications made by email could contain an attachment or a link that may install a virus or other spyware on the computer. Other communications make fraudulent demands to pay a fine or provide personal information, such as a Social Security number. The public should be aware that such scams are occurring. The Court sometimes makes automated phone calls reminding people of a court appearance or jury service. If the Court does so, the caller will not demand any personal information. To respond to a jury summons, go to the court’s official website: and click on “Jury Services.” Or call the court’s juror services department at 1-800-778-5879. The Court uses a vendor to collect on certain delinquent fees and fines. To confirm an inquiry about delinquent court-ordered debt, you can call GC Services at 1-800-352-3778, or visit their website: Anyone with questions about a suspicious communication that appears to be from Los Angeles Superior Court should contact the court. A list of phone numbers for all Los Angeles Superior Court locations can be found on the court’s website: (click on “Locations”) or by calling the court’s Public Information Office at (213) 974-5227.

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