Legal Terminology: LPI Word of the Month


If you’re a wordsmith, you can’t help but like the way, the term “nunc pro tunc” just rolls off your tongue!  It is a Latin term meaning “now for then.”  Generally, the term refers to an action taken by a court that applies retroactively to correct an earlier ruling.  Such a retroactive re-dating of an order, judgment or filing of a document requires a court order.  This can be obtained by showing that the earlier date would have been legal and that there was an error, accidental omission or neglect which caused a problem which can be corrected.  A judge may grant such an order ex parte, with only the applicant appearing and no notice is required.  For example, if a final judgment of dissolution fails to be entered until after the remarriage of one of the parties, a nunc pro tunc order could be entered to preserve the validity of the second marriage. 

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