Work, Life and Back to School – Getting You and Your Family Prepared

We have learned over the past couple of years to expect, the unexpected.  Many families were just getting acclimated to balancing their work-life while working from home.  Getting the kids ready to return to school after the summer break can be challenging enough, but many parents are also gearing up for their return to the office. Here are some helpful tips for getting the family prepared for back to school and back to work.

Establish Routines/Schedules:

  • From morning family breakfast to getting the kids to school, it is important to establish a routine and put together a family schedule that everyone can easily follow.
  • Work with neighbors and co-workers to establish a work and school rideshare program if needed. This will help everyone get to and from where they need to be on time.
  • While school days can be shorter than the workday, it would be helpful to research and find those after-school programs that will keep the kids busy and out of trouble until it is time to be a family unit again after work.
  • Establish family time without devices to communicate and keep up with work and school events that could affect the daily routine and the family schedule. This can be done over dinner or just by planning a nightly family activity.
  • Everyone will also need their own personal quality time for themselves. Getting homework done, adulting, catching up with friends, other family members, and the family pet(s) will also need their time.

In today’s environment, it’s important to keep intact and focus on the health & wellness of the family dynamic as a family unit. After all, time flies, and the kids will grow up fast. Keeping the relationships healthy and making each day special will help with establishing your family’s new work-life balance.

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