U.S.D.C. Furlough Days (San Francisco – San Jose – Eureka & Oakland)

Due to budget reductions caused by sequestration, the Court will observe five furlough days

in Fiscal Year 2013. The Court has approved the following furlough schedule to begin in May,

absent further notice.

The current plan is for the Court’s San Francisco, San Jose and Eureka divisions to be closed

on the first Friday of each month & the Oakland division to be closed the first Monday of each month.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the Oakland division will be closed the second Monday in September.

The schedule for May-September 2013 will be as follows:

San Francisco, San Jose & Eureka Oakland
Friday, May 3

Friday, June 7

Friday, July 5

Friday, August 2

Friday, September 6

Monday, May 6

Monday, June 3

Monday, July 1

Monday, August 5

Monday, September 9

Please be advised furlough days are separate from court holidays.  Federal buildings are open on

said days and drop boxes are available.  Additionally, should an urgent matter arise in a closed division,

the matter may be taken to a division which is open if the matter simply cannot wait.

CM/ECF will be available for electronic filing as will the ECF Help Desk.

Hearings which fall on furlough days will be rescheduled by the court.

Click below to view the court notice for more information.



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