Tips and Suggestions for Taking the CCLS Exam

    1. Feel Good About Yourself. Know that you have done everything you can to be prepared for the exam.
    2. Arrive Early. Arrive early for the exam, so you can have time to relax and not stress over unexpected traffic delays. If the exam is not being given in your immediate area, arrive preferably the day before the examination (Friday afternoon).
    3. Dress Comfortably and Bring a Sweater. The last thing you want to worry about is something not fitting or looking right. Because it is sometimes hard to control the temperature in a room, be sure to bring a sweater.
    4. Do Not Spend a Lot of Time Studying the Night Before the Exam. The best preparation is a good night’s sleep. Do not spend your evening worrying about the exam. Do not review the material for more than an hour the evening before the exam. You may only confuse yourself by trying to cram.
    5. Listen Carefully to the Proctor’s Instructions. The proctors will provide you with valuable information – warnings before time is up for each section, instructions for each section and completing the scantron forms, and possibly information during the exam. Make sure you listen to what the proctors are telling you, as it may be critical information.
    6. Read and Follow Directions Carefully. It is very important that you “understand” the problem and instructions. Always re-read instructions. It is better to miss one question due to time constraints than to miss all because you did not understand instructions.
    7. Do Not Worry About Questions for Which You Do Not Know the Answer. Instead, go through the entire section and answer every question to the best of your ability, but do not spend a lot of time on questions you don’t know – put in your best guess and go back after you have completed all questions and review. You can circle the question in your exam booklet, so you know what to go back to.  It is not recommended to skip a question on the scantron – remember, if you put in an answer, you stand a chance of getting the answer correct, but if you skip it and don’t have time to go back, the answer is definitely wrong.
    8. Remember to Follow Your Gut. Your first response is often correct. Do not reread a question to the point that you talk yourself out of the correct answer.
    9. You Do Not Have to Be the First One Done. Do not feel that you have to be the first person out of the room for each section. If you feel that you want to take the entire time allotted, do so.
    10. Be Sure You Have Answered All Questions. If you have time, check each page of the answer sheet to be sure you have answered all questions. Even if you have almost no time left, put something in those questions you may have skipped – that way, you have a least a chance of getting the answer correct.
    11. Give Yourself a Break. Do not become upset if you feel that you have not done well on a particular section. You are not expected to answer every question correctly; you may have done better than you think. Each section is graded separately and does not affect another section.

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