Think Happy!

Organize. Support others. Be creative. Bond with animals. Volunteer. Exercise.

None of the above happy-making practices requires a companion but involving a friend or two whenever possible can amplify their effects. When you take something for granted, you are more likely to become weary of it. The best way to avoid that would be to soak in the moment. For instance, when walking the dog, reflect on how many warm fuzzies your pooch brings you, or how the breeze feels on your face. If this sounds like homework for adults, when we view happiness as a goal that requires effort and care, we are giving it meaning which in turn makes us happier still. Small pleasures like reading a book or trying out a new walking trail will bring a far bigger bliss boost than pricey material goods.

Relax and unwind in the evening. Spend the hours before bed doing things that bring you joy so that you will head towards dreamland in a peaceful state of mind.

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