Celebrating Our Newest CCLS Graduates

Last month, we acknowledged those who recently passed the CCLS exam. Since that post, we learned that due to a glitch in the tabulation process, there were more who earned this distinction.  We thought it was only appropriate to recognize them all once again in a complete list. So, congratulations to all who recently passed the CCLS Examination.

Audrey Alonso, CCLS – San Diego LSA

Carla Clark, CCLS – San Diego LSA

Alexandra Gaspar, CCLS – San Mateo LPA

Lisa Jackson, CCLS – Member At Large

Anne Lee, CCLS – San Diego LSA

Amy Mann, CCLS – Desert Palm LPA

Cheron McAleece, CCLS – Beverly Hills/Century City LSA

Michele Mitchell, CCLS – San Diego LSA

Karen Moberg, CCLS – San Diego LSA

Lorri Nicolini, CCLS – San Francisco LPA

Corinne Patera, CCLS – San Gabriel Valley LSA

Terri Reilly, CCLS – San Diego LSA

Frances L. Skaggs, CCLS – San Francisco LPA

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