On Friday, November 22, 2019, Santa Clara Superior Court judicial officers and staff, along with the Santa Clara Department of Family and Children’s Services, will gather at the Family Justice Center Courthouse to celebrate National Adoption Day by formalizing 50 adoptions and celebrating the new families.

On National Adoption Day, courts and communities in all 50 states collaborate to finalize thousands of adoptions of children and honor adopting families. More than 350 community events are held each year to celebrate the adoption of foster care children by loving families.

Daniel Little, Assistant Director of the Department of Family and Children’s Services, states, “To adopt is to convey to a child that they are seen, heard, and loved. There are few things as wonderful and healing as this.”

Locally, Adoption Day is an opportunity to increase public awareness of the need for adoptive parents, educate would-be parents about the adoption process, and celebrate the local families who have opened their lives to children in need of permanent homes.

“Adoption Day is an amazing event filled with joyous parents, children, and siblings brought together to celebrate family and affirm their ongoing commitments to one another,” commented Presiding Judge Deborah A. Ryan. “The Court appreciates and commends the efforts of the many agencies and families involved to make this event happen and bring attention to such a worthy cause.”

This day is also unique in that the Santa Clara Superior Court is permitting media access to the adopted children upon the consent of the adult caretaker with whom they are attending the event. This means that our deputies will be allowing press into the event and facility without the MC500/MC510 documents normally required. Families who agree to be photographed, videoed and/or recorded can be identified by a special sticker worn by the adoptive parents. The Santa Clara Superior Court requests that you respect participants’ decisions and only approach those wearing these badges, and that you let us know if you intend to be present for this event by email to

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