One Legal is launching its direct e-filing service in the San Francisco Superior Court, joining two other e-filing service providers that link directly to the Court’s e-filing system, Court Executive Officer T. Michael Yuen announced today.

“The addition of One Legal to our mandatory Civil e-filing program is another step in our efforts to offer customers multiple options when it comes to electronic filing,” Yuen said. “We continue to focus on technology solutions to make the Court more accessible and efficient.”

One Legal joins File & ServeXpress and Legal Connect as the Court’s three Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs). Customers also may e-file through the Court’s own portal or 13 other vendors that use one of the three EFSPs or the Court’s portal to file Civil documents for their customers. California Rule of Court 2.253 (b) requires that mandatory e-filing programs offer filers more than one EFSP.

One Legal Vice President of Strategic Development, Jeff Karotkin, said, “We’re pleased to be able to enhance our service to our many loyal customers in San Francisco. One Legal is investing in electronic services across California, with e-filing and eService now available in a growing list of counties. We look forward to serving new and existing customers in San Francisco and continuing to provide the best access to electronic and physical services to support efficient litigation.”

Self-represented parties and “non-parties” may e-file, but are not required to do so. After the initial pleadings open the file, e-filing will be mandatory for all subsequent pleadings filed by an attorney.

Currently, mandatory e-filing is required in subsequent filings for:

• All Civil case types, except Limited Unlawful Detainer and Small Claims cases;

• Asbestos, Complex Litigation, and Single-Assignment cases; and

• Probate Trust and Estate cases.

File & ServeXpress continues to serve as the designated vendor for Asbestos, Complex Litigation, Probate Trust and Estate cases.

E-filing rules are contained in San Francisco Superior Court local rule 2.11. E-filing Probate rules may be found in local rule 14.91. Under Local Rule 14.91 (E), mandatory e-Service does not apply to Probate filings. Attorneys may serve documents by conventional means or by e-Service.

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