The San Diego Superior Court is warning the public about a scammer who reportedly threatens to arrest people unless they pay money. The man, posing as a member of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, says a warrant has been issued because the person answering the phone has failed to show up in Court as a witness to a traffic accident. The scammer is well-rehearsed, using actual court locations and judges’ names when talking with the potential victims. The man demands cash payment to make the charges go away.

“These scammers move through from time to time; sometimes they tell people there are charges for failing to show up for jury services or charges for clearing up arrest warrants. Once again, we want the public to know the Court or law enforcement will not call you with this type of issue and the Court will never demand cash as the way to make charges go away,” says Executive Officer Michael Roddy.

The public is told to simply hang up on the scammer or contact law enforcement if the scammer gets aggressive

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