Beginning Tuesday, January 3, 2017, the San Diego Superior Court has expanded language access services for all court users when available and appropriate. These expanded services are now accessible in all case-types for parties, witnesses, and persons with significant interest in a case. The expanded language access services are available for all courtroom proceedings and all court-ordered, court-operated programs. In addition, the court will provide bilingual staff or telephone interpreting services for customers requiring language access services at business office counters and over the phone, when available and appropriate.

“We are pleased to offer these expanded services to help ensure more meaningful access to court procedures and services by all people, especially those with limited English proficiency,” says Presiding Judge Jeffrey Barton.

To obtain an interpreter for each courtroom proceeding and for each court-ordered, court-operated program, a court user must file a request with the court. To request or cancel an interpreter service, a party may complete the Interpreter Request/Cancellation form. The Interpreter Request/Cancellation form is available at any Court business counter or on the Court website. It is highly recommended court users file this form as far in advance of the hearing or program as possible.

Members of the public can submit the Interpreter Request/Cancellation form at the business office during normal business hours or it can be mailed to the court location noted on the court paperwork.

The Court will make every effort to schedule an interpreter for the date/time of court proceedings and court-ordered, court-operated program, but cannot guarantee that one will be available. The court may not be able to provide an interpreter in every case.

The Court is continuing its past practice in cases where a party needs the services of an American Sign Language interpreter: court users can request an American Sign Language Interpreter, by submitting a “Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities and Response” (JC Form #MC-410).

Court users can find additional information on submitting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requests and regarding language access services on the court’s website at Questions regarding the scheduling or cancelling of an interpreter, or for language access assistance, may be emailed to:

The San Diego Superior Court’s expansion of language access services is in conformance with the Judicial Council of California’s Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts.

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