Monterey County Superior Court is pleased to announce a new unified experience for improved access to court services and information through the launch of a new mobile app and a redesigned, refreshed and responsive public website.

The new mobile app and the updated public website support the Monterey County Superior Court’s vision to leverage modern technology to enhance access to justice, and to meet community expectations to extend and expand services through an online presence. In addition to accessing services and information through the Court’s Public Website, users now have the convenience of new services at their fingertips through their mobile devices to conduct a case lookup, search a calendar or make a traffic payment. Even more exciting, users will now be able to set and receive hearing reminders on cases via text message and email. The automated reminders are anticipated to provide overall time and cost savings in fewer missed court dates and appointments, increased efficiency, and conservation of public resources. These advancements will vastly improve the user experience for the wired and smart-device reliant public to easily access and use information. Initial experimentation with a pilot group of local volunteers ranging from existing community users to peers from other California Courts has generated positive feedback and praise for these enhanced services.

While these technological advancements provide a good foundation, the court is committed to investing in the roadmap of innovative and environmentally-sound solutions to improve customer access to justice regardless of location or time of day. Within the next few months, the Court Information Technology department will continue to enhance the overall experience by introducing virtual assistance, the ability to set appointments and provide users advance access to case records. By taking the lead on these innovative efforts, Monterey County Superior Court has designed technology that can serve as a guide for other California Courts for years to come. The Honorable Julie Culver, chair of the Court Technology Committee and member of the State level Information Technology Advisory Committee, said, “The Monterey Superior Court continues to be at the forefront in creating and implementing technology to improve court services. The recent update of the Court website content and launch of a mobile app will further promote and expand access to justice and court services for our community”.

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