LPI Chapter Spotlight: Placer County LPA

Location: Auburn, Sierra Nevada

Founded in 1967; Chartered in 1980


Placer County Legal Secretaries Association (PCLSA) was founded in 1967 when a group of legal secretaries from Placer County met and discussed forming a local association affiliated with what is now known as Legal Professionals, Incorporated (LPI), formerly Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (LSI). Joan Moore and Rhoda Spencer from LSI met with this group and were very instrumental in helping PCLSA get organized. The association was charted in 1980. The first installation was held at a dinner house in Placer County called Pinnacle Pete’s with Rhoda and Joan installing twelve young ladies into the newly formed association.

Over the years membership has fluctuated and at one time the association had over 70 members. Membership includes active, retired, honorary, and student memberships. Membership is diverse and includes legal secretaries, law office administrators, law office support staff, employees from the Superior Court, District Attorney’s Office, paralegals, and even attorneys.

PCLSA was a charter member of the Northern California Northern Valley Central Forum since its inception in 1984. The association sponsored an LSI Conference in 1987 in Auburn, CA. PCLSA accomplished 12 Annual Membership Luncheons to educate the legal community on what PCLSA and LSI can do for legal support staff in Placer County. In September 2002, PCLSA amended its bylaws and changed its name to Placer County Legal Professionals Association (PCLPA). PCLPA has hosted or co-hosted other LSI/LPI conferences in November 2009, November 2017, and most recently in November 2022.  In 2010, PCLPA celebrated its first successful California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS) study program.

PCLPA regularly supports charities in Placer County and offers scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a career in the legal field.

The purpose of PLACER COUNTY LEGAL PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION (PCLPA) has always been to establish good fellowship and networking through our members, to further our knowledge of the law through guest speakers at our general meetings and through seminars/workshops sponsored by LPI and other county associations, and to create a high standard of ethics.

Current Board:

Rachel Malerbi, President/Governor

Bettina Jacobson, Treasurer

Michelle Rodgers, CCLS, Parliamentarian

Christie Ensley, Executive Advisor

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