Los Angeles Superior: New General Order Extending Certain Juvenile Deadlines

Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor today announced a new General Order to extend certain Juvenile deadlines through December 3, 2021. The General Order is issued under the authority granted by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye.

“The Court is seeking to normalize Criminal operations as pandemic trends continue to improve with increased rates of vaccination and public health measures intended to curb virus transmission,” Presiding Judge Taylor said. “While the Court obtained authority from the Chief Justice for Criminal continuances, for the last 14 days and moving forward, I have elected not to implement this authority as we continue to closely monitor stresses on our operations and work closely with our justice partners to tackle case backlogs together. This approach allows us to move closer to more timely access to justice, while monitoring systemic stresses and remaining vigilant in the fight against the virus.”

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