We’ve all been tempted to quit our jobs with no notice at least once, but most of us cannot do that for a variety of reasons.  The effect of the pandemic on the job market has led to what has been called The Great Resignation.  The pandemic has caused many to re-think how they want to work, or in some cases, how they are able to work.  Many workers realized that the commute was not something they wanted to go back to.  Others are still having difficulty finding adequate childcare.  And some workers are just re-evaluating their priorities. 

Initially, younger workers seemed to be making job changes.  However, since early 2021, the greatest growth in resignations was among workers aged 40 to 60, and with a tenure of more than ten years.  There are many reasons why workers are taking such a huge step.  For many, the desire to work remotely is the key.  For the older workers, it is often a time of reflection on what really matters.  For some, it’s a chance to consider retirement or to work differently, i.e. taking on gig work or starting a business. 

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