What Does My Mom Mean to Me?

By Jessica Melton

If I said that my mother,

Meant the world to me.

It wouldn’t come close,

To what it really would be.

Her grace and her beauty,

Can defy his-tor-y.

And her love and affection,

The whole world can see.

She’s tougher than nails,

When I’ve done something wrong.

But the next breath she’s singing,

My praises for song.

Nothing gets by her,

She’s as sharp as a tack.

And you don’t want to cross her,

If you do; watch your back.

Her food is fantastic,

And you always leave full.

Then she’ll knit you some socks,

From some premium wool.

With all of these words,

What I’m trying to say.

Is that Mom, you’re my best friend,

So, have a GREAT Mother’s Day!



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