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Webinar – E-Recording Do’s and Don’ts – October 6, 2022 – LSS

Michael Kern, President & CEO of Direct Legal Support, Inc. is a thirty year veteran of the profession as well a second generation process server. Michael has been involved in every aspect of litigation support ever since 1987 and directly attributes his success to his late father David Kern, who started Dave Kern Attorney Service in 1961; whenever Michael was on school breaks he would help the family business by doing things like setting up court filings, filing documents at the courthouse, calling runners for status, riding along with route drivers and doing pick-ups, and riding along with his dad to learn how to serve papers correctly for when he was old enough. Michael was persuaded to follow in his father’s footsteps and attributes his “get it done” attitude to his dad who instilled in him that hard work gets you everything in life.

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Assets & Aging – October 13, 2022 – FREE!

Speaker, Bob Scrivano, is an independent senior-care planning consultant based in Sacramento, In this webinar, Mr. Scrivano will speak about taking care of a loved one who has declining health. These new concerns can involve in-home care, assisted living, board-and-care or even a nursing home.

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Webinar – Real Property Apportionment – October 20, 2022 – LSS

In 2021 California median home prices were at all-time record highs. What impact will rising interest rates have on these record prices? This growth in value and the fear of overpaying for real property is fueling the emotions of our divorcing clients. This real property apportionment presentation will revisit the basic Moore-Marsden principles and will apply them to refinancing events, changes in title, and the tracing of equity withdrawals to other assets. The goal of the presentation is to help you tell a simple story so that you can settle your cases.

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LPI’s Second Quarterly Conference

HILTON ARDEN-WEST 2200 Harvard Street, Sacramento, CA
Placer County Legal Professionals Association and Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association present Legal Professionals, Incorporated 2nd Quarterly Conference.

Date: November 11-13, 2022
Location: HILTON ARDEN-WEST, 2200 Harvard Street, Sacramento, CA 95815

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

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Webinar – Implicit Bias in the Workplace – January 12, 2023 – LSS

The State Bar of California has now implemented Bus. & Prof. Code section 6070.5, which requires one hour of implicit bias and strategies to reduce it. Though unintentional, this bias can still be influential in the workplace. Learn how to recognize and reduce implicit bias, improving the morale and assurance for all employees in the workplace.

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