Webinar – Outlook Tips and Tricks – October 17, 2023

Join us as we discover and uncover tips and tricks in Outlook. This training will include:

Quick Parts Signature Blocks Calendar Drops Setting up Rules Follow – ups Out of Office and much more!

Learn to minimize your time spent in Outlook with simple steps to achieve more efficiency!

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Calendaring, Part Two – Federal Court

Calendaring, Part One – State Court

October 5, 2023

This webinar will demonstrate how to user-trigger dates and rules to calendar statute of limitations, filing deadlines, exceptions, and appeal deadlines. Learn how to reduce risks by following strict calendaring protocols.

Calendaring, Part Two – Federal Court October 19, 2023 Noon

This webinar will discuss the fundamental differences between calendaring deadlines in the State Court and the Federal Court.

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Webinar – How to Communicate with an Attorney – November 2, 2023

Presented by: John E. O’Grady In this fun session, we’ll explore strategies for claiming our authority and working collaboratively with lawyers to benefit all. We’ll provide specific tips for responding to abusive language, minimizing drama, and finding more satisfaction in your time on the planet. Eliminate noise in your communications and contribute all you have to offer while taking care of yourself.

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