Webinar – PowerPoint 101 – May 14, 2024

Presented by: June Hunter

A PowerPoint presentation allows the viewers to engage, interpret and expound what they are seeing. It has been proven to increase the persuasiveness of a message, and it is a powerful tool used in law firms every day.

This webinar will teach you how to create, edit, and fix a PowerPoint presentation with ease.

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Webinar – Motion for Summary Judgment: What Should Be on Your Checklist – May 29, 2024

Presented by: Vanessa Buffington of NextGen Legal, LLC

Whether your office is filing the motion or opposing one, a motion for summary judgment and/or adjudication can be intense. A lot of hard work goes into preparation and it can be a costly procedure that will set the tone for the rest of the case. This webinar will provide you with information to navigate filing a motion for summary judgment.

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Webinar – Requesting a Default Judgment – June 12, 2024

When a defendant has failed to file a response to a summons and complaint, the plaintiff has the option to file a request for default. This involves preparing multiple documents, calculating special damages and having a prove-up hearing. This webinar will go over the necessary steps to prepare and file a request for default judgment.

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Webinar – Stress Out! – June 18, 2024

This presentation will focus on the well-being and/or stress management techniques for attorneys and legal professionals to manage the day to day pressure of working in the legal field.

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CCLS On-line Study Group – June 20, 2024 – September 5, 2024

If you are interested in studying for the California Certified Legal Secretary (“CCLS”) Exam,** join LPI’s CCLS Online Study Group. During the Study Group, all topics covered in the CCLS Information Kit will be reviewed (Please see the CCLS Information Kit on LPI’s website for a description of the sections covered on the exam).

Lectures (MP4) and materials will be posted by no later than 7 p.m. on Sundays. Students may complete the material at their convenience. Access information will be provided upon enrollment in the class.

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