Webinar – Saas & eDiscovery – Navigating the Challenges of Emerging Data Sources – December 5, 2024

Collaboration and communication technology forms have evolved considerably within the past 3 years. Traditional business environments across the United States and Globally are now utilizing heightened communication forms such as Slack, Quip and WhatsApp to increase chat efficiency and foster creative environments to encourage productivity. Technology hubs such as Silicon Valley are no longer isolated instances of communication technology variance. With this heightening and continued introduction of numerous forms of communication, new challenges have been raised during identification, collection and production of these non-standard data types for investigations and lawsuits. This program will use a hypothetical lawsuit where a team of engineers have been using three forms of emerging data sources for communication, which will need to be preserved, collected, reviewed and produced per the request for production from plaintiffs’ counsel. We’ll navigate the process, considerations, and risks while we navigate this hypothetical scenario.

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