Webinar – Narrating the Narrator – February 1, 2024

With all the hype recently about generative AI and other AI software being used, it is imperative the legal professionals understand “the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology” to maintain their ethical duty of technology competence. From disinformation, to convincing content, to efficiencies gained by generative AI, the technology has exploded in use in a short span of time.

Learn the positive along with the cautions of how this emerging (or shall we say already emerged) technology affects our day-to-day working and personal lives, and its impact on the legal industry. Key takeaways from the presentation include; “new” AI technology isn’t as new as we think; responsible AI use and understanding of how it works; embracing AI tools intelligently for productivity gains while mitigating risk; use of generative AI in the practice of law; and discovery implications of generative AI.

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Webinar – Your Home is Spying on You: How to Use Smart Device Data in Litigation – March 7, 2024

More and more homes contain smart devices: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest Thermostat, Smart TVs, Roombas, and more. These devices store all kinds of activities and send that data to the cloud. This CLE explores the types of data available, looks at some cases where that data was used, and discusses the law regarding the collection of this type of data.

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Webinar – Motions – How to Avoid Common Mistakes – March 21, 2024

This webinar will be an overview of the most common motions (except motions for summary adjudication and/or judgment—a seminar on that subject is scheduled for April 4, 2024), including demurrers, motions to strike, discovery motions such as a motion to compel or requesting a protective order. The material will also include understanding special motions, such as motions in limine and motions to withdraw as counsel. The presentation will also focus on avoiding nightmares caused by mistakes (i.e., do not have the motion being taken off calendar!).

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Webinar – How to file documents in the Federal Court – April 3, 2024 – FREE

In this presentation you will be introduced to PACER /NextGen- what it is and why we need it. We will go through the steps for setting up attorney filer accounts and attorney admissions to the federal courts, using Northern District of California as our example. We will discuss the different features of CM/ECF and finish up with an e-filing demonstration from log-in to submission.

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Webinar – Motions for Summary Judgment – April 4, 2024

This presentation will cover deadlines, requirements, potential issues, and examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The presentation will also include multiple hand-outs with the rules spelled out for you, checklists, and proposed workflows. The most valuable item being provided is the list of what NOT to do.

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Webinar – Boundaries – What they Really Are and How to Craft Them – April 25, 2024 – FREE

Creating healthy boundaries helps us to maintain professionalism when circumstances would otherwise result in conflict or hostility. In this presentation, Lara Traube will teach us how to create boundaries when faced with challenging or antagonistic situations that arise while performing legal services. Ms. Traube will use relatable scenarios that commonly arise in a law office. She will then introduce solutions on how to overcome these situations effectively. These skills will help overcome stress and allow us to continue to perform our services with competence and reduce overall stress.

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Webinar – Investing Basics – May 9, 2024 – FREE

There is so much information out there that making sense of it all can leave your head spinning. Sometimes the market seems like it will be flying high forever … only for it to suddenly drop and send everyone running for cover. Conventional wisdom tells us that what goes up, must come down. But even if you think about market volatility as a normal occurrence, it can be tough to handle when it’s your money at stake. You are invited to this webinar so you can learn a little more about the best way to get your dollars working for YOU!

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