Autumn Fall Cleaning

With the seasons changing, your cleaning routine should also change. Even though you might do the annual spring cleaning, it is important to refresh your home once summer ends. Fall brings cooler weather and more time will be spent indoors so there will be more foot traffic, dust, and debris. This time of year also signifies that the holiday season will be fast upon us bringing houseguests and extra cooking. Some areas inside the house to remember are under the furniture, washing windows, and dusting thoroughly throughout the house. Don’t forget those walls, baseboards, light switches, and doors.

If the inside of your house is all clean and ready to go, don’t forget these tasks on the outside if you live in a cold climate.

  1. Clean, or possibly replace your gutters. You don’t want to go into the winter with clogged gutters.
  2. Check for drafts. Weatherstripping is simple and the most cost-effective way to keep heating costs down.
  3. Drain your outdoor faucets. Don’t forget to turn off all outdoor faucets before winter. This includes disconnecting the garden hose to prevent water freezing.
  4. Bring your outdoor furniture inside. If you can’t store it in the garage or a shed cover it up with waterproof furniture covers.
  5. Fix any cracks in your driveway. When water gets into those cracks and freezes they expand making them bigger the following year. Get some concrete crack sealer and fill up those cracks.
  6. Change or clean your filters as those clogged filters could be costing you money. It’s hard to cool and heat your home when the filters are clogged. You should clean them monthly and replace them when needed.
  7. Fertilize your lawn in the fall and winter to get it looking sharp in the spring or summer. Remember, the roots are still active even when your grass isn’t growing, so applying fertilizer will prevent winter damage.
  8. Change your batteries – make sure all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices are working.

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