1. Text-searchable format

All documents must be text-searchable, in PDF (portable document format) while maintaining the original document formatting.

2. Pagination

The page numbering of a document filed electronically must begin with the first page or cover as page 1 and use only Arabic numerals (e.g., 1, 2, 3).

3. Electronic Bookmarks

Each document must include in the bookmarks panel of the electronic document a descriptive link (hereafter referred to as an electronic bookmark), to each heading, subheading and to the first page of any component of the document, including any table of contents, table of authorities, petition, verification, points and authorities, declaration, certificate of word count, certificate of interested entities or persons, proof of service, tab, exhibit, or attachment. Each electronic bookmark to a tab, exhibit, or attachment must include the letter or number of the tab, exhibit, or attachment must include the letter or number of the tab, exhibit or attachment and a description of the tab, exhibit or attachment.

4. Size

No single PDF file may exceed a total of 25 megabytes. If a filing exceeds this file size limitation the TrueFiling user must submit the document in multiple files. These files must be paginated consecutively across all files in the document, including the cover page. If the exhibits or attachments are submitted in multi-part electronic files, each separate file must have its own cover page and a chronological & alphabetical index with bookmarks stating the contents of each volume. If submitting multiple files in TrueFiling would cause undue hardship, any registered user may file an application in TrueFiling, requesting permission to provide the court with the filing in electronic format (e.g. on a flash drive, or alternatively on CD (compact disc) or DVD), explaining the reason for the manual filing. Please note any audio files must be submitted in .wav or mp3 format and any video files must be submitted in .avi or mp4 format.

5. Privacy Protection

Electronic filers must comply with California Rules of Court, rule 1.201 regarding exclusion or redaction of personal identifiers from all documents filed with the court. Neither TrueFiling nor the Clerk of Court has any responsibility to review documents for compliance with these requirements.


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