Will the Great Resignation Lead to the Great Regret?

For most of us, we are now two years into remote work, either working from home full time or on a hybrid schedule.  Some do not ever care to set foot in a workplace, while some are tired of being isolated.  Some feel that working from home gives them more balance, especially when thinking about the time saved by not commuting.  But others feel that life and work just blend into each other, and that feels anything but balanced.  One young lady interviewed in a recent segment of Inside Edition felt that an employer requiring her to report to a workplace regularly was a high level of micromanaging.  While others feel that working remotely requires company managers to check up on their staff more than if they were in the workplace. 

As people have re-evaluated their lives, many have made career changes.  In fact, since June 2021, nearly four million people per month have voluntarily left their jobs.  However, a recent survey of 2,000 of those who have quit their jobs revealed that one in five of those people regrets leaving.  Some have already begun to look for yet another employment opportunity.  A significantly higher salary does not translate into a higher level of satisfaction with the new job.  Many employees – in fact, 30% of those surveyed– found that their new role was far different than they expected.  And 24% of the respondents to the survey didn’t thoroughly evaluate the career change before they made it.

So what should we do if we find that we want to explore a new career opportunity, for any reason?  First, ask for clarity about the things that are important to you.  Ask about how much time can be spent working remotely.  Ask for clarity about the responsibilities of the position.  Sites such as Glassdoor can be helpful as current and former employees can post about their experiences working for a given company.  Watch for trends in those postings to get a feel for whether the position would be a good fit.  Interviewing only on Zoom does not always give a clear picture of the company culture.  If possible, a meeting should be held at the company location where you might get a better feel for what the workday might be. 

For more insight on this subject, please watch the video found at this link:  https://www.nbc.com/today/video/after-great-resignation-some-workers-now-part-of-great-regret/472645843

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