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Do you have Time Management on your list of resolutions for 2022? 

If you are a member of TikTok’s Social Media Platform, you will be able to see all the trending videos that can help you with your time management woes.  That’s right, the word on the street is that TikTok has come up with a viable time management solution that will solve everyone’s time management issues which includes procrastination.  And it has recently gone viral.

Here are the basics of TikTok’s Time Blocking:

  • Use a calendar to divide your day into time blocks – which includes the time you wake up, the time you eat breakfast, as well as the time you hop in the shower to get ready for work.
  • It is suggested that you color-code your task types.
  • The idea is to dedicate chunks of time to complete tasks throughout the day.
  • The purpose is to visualize the pre-planned tasks on your calendar to make it more manageable.
  • Once the list of tasks is written out, follow the task timeline to help you stay on time within the allotted timeframe.

Experts say, don’t schedule every minute of your day.  It can be overwhelming.  Instead, pad the length of time of each task a little. By overestimating the length of your tasks, will help you avoid falling behind and will allow for you to allocate for the unexpected.

Be sure to include your breaks in between the longer tasks to allow yourself mental breaks throughout your day.  Also, add some buffer time on your weekly tasks to help you catch up on things to help keep you on track.

Here are some tips that will help you with effective time blocking:

  • Color coordinate tasks
  • Don’t fill up your daily schedule – be flexible
  • Schedule both big and little tasks of your day
  • Time block your breaks too

Once you begin this process, you will start to see a well-defined schedule that will allow you to categorize your day with specific tasks that will help you manage your time, reduce stress, as well as help you with anxiety.  It’s a proactive approach to help you get what you need done, as well as want you want to get done for yourself, such as the afternoon walks to help you clear your head and help you take a more relaxed approach to your day-to-day routine.

If you would like to learn more about time blocking as a time management system, there are many articles on the internet to review.  You can also purchase ‘The Time-Block Planner’ by Cal Newport, Georgetown Associate Professor.  The description states that many of the world’s effective people have used this system.

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