Los Angeles Superior: Plans to Increase Timely Access to Justice and Reduce Criminal Pandemic-Related Backlogs

Reduced Reliance on Emergency Orders Supports Restoration of Pre-Pandemic Efficiency

The Court is increasing the number of jury trials and preliminary hearings and taking other steps as part of the Normalization of Operations Work (N.O.W.) plan to systematically address pandemic-related Criminal case delays and safely restore Criminal operations to pre-pandemic levels of efficiency, Presiding Judge Eric C. Taylor announced today.

“N.O.W. builds on the Court’s measured and deliberate approach to safely restore court
operations by reducing Criminal case backlogs and increasing timely and equal access to justice for Criminal litigants,” Presiding Judge Taylor said. “Together with our justice partners, we are using this plan to get back to normalcy while carefully monitoring COVID case trends in Los Angeles County.”

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