The Average Annual Cost:

To detain a person in jail pending trial: $27,832
To imprison a person after sentencing: $30,621
To place a person in a residential reentry center: $28,999
To supervise a person in the community pending trial: $3,279
To supervise a person in the community after sentencing: $3,909

The data is based on annualized averages for fiscal year 2014 and was provided by the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the AO.

Judges are required to consider the cost of custody and supervision when determining the amount and payment terms of any fine to be imposed. However, since each sentencing option has strengths and weaknesses, courts often use the various options in conjunction with each other. Further, probation and pretrial services offices employ various policies and procedures to focus on the highest risk defendants and offenders so as to maximize protect on of the public.

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