(a) Location and Use of Drop Box of Tuolumne County Superior Court

Tuolumne County Superior Court provides two drop box locations. One drop box is located in the lobby of the Historic Courthouse at, 41 W. Yaney Ave., Sonora, CA. The second drop box is located at the lobby of the Court facility located at 60 N. Washington St., Sonora, CA.

The drop boxes may be used to file documents and to make payments in conformity with California Rules of Court, rule 2.210.

• When using the drop box for payments, only checks or money orders should be deposited in the drop box together with the supporting documents. Do not deposit cash in the drop box.

• Starting on Monday November 4, 2019, the drop boxes at both Court locations will be placed in the lobby areas at 8:10 AM each Court day and will be removed from Court lobby areas at 4:50 PM.

• The drop boxes may be used when the Historic Courthouse and Washington Street Courthouse facility are open in lieu of waiting in line at the Court clerks’ counter or in lieu of mailing.

(b) Documents Deemed Filed on Day of Deposit

Starting on November 4, 2019, at 4:50 PM of each Court day, Court staff will remove the drop boxes from the lobbies and process the deposited documents the next day. Any document deposited in the Court’s drop box up to and including 4:50 p.m. on a Court day is deemed to have been deposited for filing on that day, if accepted for filing after review by a court clerk. The Court will maintain a log of all documents deposited in each of the drop boxes. In order for a document to be accepted for filing as of the day of deposit, the document must be in proper format and in compliance with Tuolumne County Superior Court Local Rules and California Rules of Court.

This policy will become effective Monday, November 4, 2019.


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