The Day in the Life of a Legal Professional

It doesn’t matter if you are a paralegal, legal secretary, legal assistant, or clerical clerk no two days are the same. As a paralegal, you might be starting your day off conducting research on the most recent case in the office. As a legal secretary or legal assistant, the day might start off by preparing documents, calendaring hearings, or scheduling appointments. As a clerical clerk, your day may be filled with answering phones, filing, and sorting mail. As no two offices are the same any one person listed above could be handling all of the tasks mentioned above. Though most legal professionals work a 40-hour week Monday through Friday this is not always the case. When that trial is fast approaching extra preparation might be needed and long hours might be needed. Each member of the team, regardless of title, is an integral part interdependent on others. The smoothest offices have staff with a strong work ethic, and good character, and are knowledgeable in their area of the law along with technology. Most legal professionals have a true love for their profession and enjoy helping others. The next time you grab a file, pick up that phone or meet with a client remember you are needed as the work could not get done without you.

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