The San Francisco Superior Court is expanding its mandatory E-Filing program to include Probate Estate cases, Court Executive Officer T. Michael Yuen announced today.

Mandatory E-Filing in Probate for this category of cases will be available to attorneys on November 2, 2015. File & ServeXpress will serve as the vendor for the expansion of mandatory E-Filing in Probate.

This is the first addition of a category of Probate cases since the initial launch of a phased-in mandatory E-Filing program in Probate, which began in July 2013 with Probate Trust cases.

Currently, mandatory E-Filing is required in subsequent filings for:

• All Civil case types, except Limited Unlawful Detainer and Small claims cases;
• Asbestos, Complex Litigation, and Single-Assignment cases;
• and Probate Trust cases.

E-Filing rules are contained in San Francisco Superior Court local rule 2.10. E-Filing Probate rules may be found in local rule 14.100. Under Local Rule 14.100 (e), mandatory E-Service does not apply to Probate filings. Attorneys may serve documents by conventional means or by E-Service.

File & ServeXpress will serve as the agent of the Clerk to collect statutory filing fees. File & ServeXpress will provide free training to law firms on utilizing the E-Filing system and services, and will also provide free technical support to registered users. More information is available at

Once the initial pleadings open the file, E-Filing will be mandatory for all subsequent pleadings filed by an attorney. If an estate matter is already open, all subsequent filings after November 2, 2015 will be required to be E-Filed. E-Filing is optional for self-represented parties or non-parties.

Submission of hard-copy courtesy copies for the Probate Department must be file-stamped, include the hearing date in the caption of the document, and be directed to the attention of specific staff members to the extent known, in accordance with Local Rule 14.100(f). The rule does not require re-filing, reservice or translation into electronic format of any Estate case document filed or served before November 2, 2015.

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