Presiding Judge John K. Stewart today announced the San Francisco Bench has elected Judge Teri L. Jackson to serve as the incoming Presiding Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court, effective January 1, 2017.

Judge Jackson, a member of the San Francisco Bench since September 2002, made history last night when her judicial colleagues elected her to serve as the first female African American Judge Presiding Judge in the City & County of San Francisco.

“The San Francisco bench reflects the diversity of our City and the entire Bay Area, and we are fortunate to have such a diverse, energetic and innovative group of Judges to assure equal and fair access to justice for all people who use our courts,” Judge Jackson said. “Together we share a commitment to assure that all San Franciscans are served justly and fairly in our justice system.”

Judge Jackson said she aims to achieve a “one-court” approach to justice in San Francisco that would promote more efficiency and access to justice across the justice system. The goal is to give San Franciscans more opportunity to be heard – no matter the Judge, staff or courthouse location. Judges and staff would be available and proficient in their adjudication and handling of Civil or Criminal matters in either the Hall of Justice or Civic Center Courthouse.

“Our judicial officers and staff have some of the best qualities, skills and attributes of any Court in this state,” she said. “I want to keep our Court moving forward and provide a judicial environment that allows more flexibility to handle various case types.”

Judge Jackson added that the continued uncertain economic times for the state judiciary require “all of our participation, expertise, experiences and professional relationships to continue to provide our citizens with fair and efficient access to justice.”

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