Effective January 1, 2020, as a result of the enactment of AB 330, various court filing fees pursuant to Government code 70626(a) and (b) have been increased.

The following fees will increase from $25 to $40 pursuant to Government code 70626 (a):

• Issuing writ of attachment, writ of mandate, writ f of execution, writ of sale, writ of possession, writ of prohibition, writ of restitution, or any other writ for enforcement of an order or judgment
• Issuing abstract of Judgment
• Certificate of satisfaction of judgment (CCP 724.100)
• Writ of execution
• Abstract of Judgment
• Certifying a copy of paper, record, or proceeding on file
• Certificate for which fee is not otherwise fixed; includes lis pendens
• Taking affidavit, except in criminal case or adoption proceedings
• Acknowledgment of deed or other instrument
• Recording or registering license or issuing certificate in connection with a license, required by law, for which charge is not otherwise prescribed.

The following fees will increase from $30 to $45 pursuant to Government code 70626 (b)

• Abstract of judgment rendered from another court
• Issuing commission to take deposition out of state under CCP 2026.010
• Filing and entering award under Workers’ Compensation Act
• Application for subpoena for discovery in out-of-state case (CCP 2029.300)
• Confession of judgment (CCP 1134)
• Renewal of judgment (CCP 683.150)
• Issuing an order of sale
• Affidavit procedure for real property of small value under Prob.C 13201
• Appeal from determination of dangerous or vicious dog (F&A 31622)
• Filing affidavit of publication of notice of dissolution of partnership
• Filing and indexing papers for which a charge is not provided elsewhere

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