The Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento provides online access to some Family Law documents on its website ( Findings and Orders After hearing prepared by department 123 in lieu of a minute order for all law and motion hearings beginning January 20, 2015, and Mediation Reports prepared by Family Court Services for hearings beginning January 20, 2015, will be available to attorneys of record and self-represented litigants who set up an account and subscribe to the case.

Accounts and subscriptions may be requested by filing a Family Law Case Participant Enrollment Form, along with a copy of your drive license or State Bar Number. A separate Family Law Case Participant Enrollment Form must be filed with the court for each case. The form may be filed at the Family Law public counter or by placing it in the drop box.

Once the court has created your account and/or subscription, you will receive an email notification confirming your registration. Once the subscription has been established, free access is available 72 hours from the time each order is issued or each report is prepared, or from the time the court creates the account. After 72 hours, a fee will be charged to view or download documents.

If an account and subscription is not set up, copies of Findings and orders After Hearing will be available in the Family Law Records Unit five business days after the order is made. Mediation Reports prepared by Family Court Services will be made available in the Family Court Services Unit two days before the hearing.

If the judge referred you to the SelfHelp Center for preparation of a judgment, you may contact the SelfHelp Center though e-correspondence on the court website (

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