Effective November 10th , 2016, the court will expand the provision of interpreters in civil and family law case types. The court will attempt to provide interpreters pursuant to the following priority set forth by the Legislature in Assembly Bill 1657:

1. Domestic violence cases and family law cases in which there is a domestic violence issue; Elder or dependent adult abuse cases involving physical abuse or neglect; and civil harassment cases involving temporary restraining orders
2. Unlawful detainer or eviction cases
3. Termination of parental rights proceedings
4. Actions relating to conservatorships or guardianships
5. Actions for child custody or visitation
6. Elder or dependent adult abuse cases not involving physical abuse
7. All other family law actions
8. All other civil actions

The court expanded the provision of interpreters to priorities 1-7 effective July 1st, 2015, and is now expanding to include all other civil actions (priority 8).

Parties that would like to request an interpreter in one of the above case types should file Local Form PL-CW005: Request for Interpreter (Civil & Family Law). The form and instructions are available in English, Spanish, and Russian on the court’s website:

Although the court will attempt to provide interpreters in the case types above, interpreters are not mandated in those situations and the court may not be able to fill all requests for an interpreter, due to cost and interpreter availability constraints.

The court continues to provide court interpreters at no cost to parties with limited English proficiency in criminal, traffic, juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, and other mandated case types.

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