ORANGE COUNTY – Superior Court Announces Civil Court Reporter Pooling Pilot Santa Ana, CA

Effective August 25, 2014, the following 13 unlimited civil courtrooms will be participating in a Court Reporter Pooling Pilot Project and official court reporters (i.e., court reporters employed by the Court) will only be provided in the following departments for trials and matters in which oral evidence will be presented.

Dept. C6 Judge Schulte

Dept. C10 Judge Marks

Dept. C12 Judge Wilson

Dept. C13 Judge Gastelum

Dept. C14 Judge Miller

Dept. C15 Judge Nakamura

Dept. C17 Judge Griffin

Dept. C18 Judge Claster

Dept. C21 Judge McEachen

Dept. C23 Judge Aguirre

Dept. C26 Judge Lewis

Dept. C31 Judge Horn

Dept. C32 Judge Glass

Official court reporters will continue to be provided for all hearings in the remaining unlimited civil courtrooms.

A Court-Approved List of Official Reporters Pro Tempore (“List”), which includes names and contact information of reporters who can be privately retained and appointed as an official court reporter pro tempore without stipulation of the parties, will be posted on the Court’s website. Alternatively, by stipulation of the parties and appointment by the judge, parties may privately retain a certified shorthand reporter not on the court-approved List to serve in a proceeding as an official court reporter pro tempore where an official court reporter is not available.

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