Make Professional Development a Goal for 2022!

As we begin to close the chapter of 2021, we often think about ways we can better ourselves for the new year. Resolutions are a part of what we think about during the holidays to achieve something for the future.  Most of what we tend to put on our list are personal goals, but why not think about our professional development?

Become a member of LPI by joining a local chapter near you so you can make an investment in your professional development by utilizing all the resources available to members of LPI.  Our Continuing Education Council (CEC), with the help of our NextGen Team and our legal technology trainer, offers online courses throughout the year that will help you gain the knowledge and skills to be a better member of your legal team.

Here are some learning options to consider when setting your professional development goals for 2022:

California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS) – is a program of Legal Professionals, Incorporated, providing educational training to prepare for the CCLS exam to become a certified legal secretary. During the training, the following areas will be covered and will be included on the exam: California legal procedures; legal terminology; performance skills; reasoning and ethics; law office administration; ability to communicate effectively; and, legal computations. LPI offers a multi-week online study course to help examinees prepare for the exam.  Becoming a CCLS increases your value as a member of your team by being well versed in a variety of practice areas and allowing you to add the CCLS designation to your name.

Legal Specialization Sections (LSS) – provides access to continuing education workshops, seminars, and webinars. As a member of the LSS sections, you are eligible to participate in quarterly workshops, receive quarterly newsletters containing up-to-date information including changes in the law and forms, and receive a statewide roster of all members in each section for easy access to local procedural information in other counties, as well as networking opportunities. Go to a conference so you can learn, network, and enjoy yourself in the process. Membership in all six sections includes free live LSS webinars, as well as free attendance at live seminars.

Legal Professional Training (LPT) – is a “lunch and learn” virtual training process that allows you to attend educational webinars while on break for lunch.  LPT also offers a series of training sessions over a course of 6-8 weeks to help you gain the knowledge you need to be successful in your role as a legal professional. These virtual courses cover legal secretarial training, trial preparation, California discovery procedures, motion practice, and more.

If you are interested in cost-effective ways to gain the education you need to meet your professional development goals, contact your local chapter of LPI or go to LPI’s website at to learn more.


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