Effective May 2, 2016, the Probate Division in the Central District (Stanley Mosk Courthouse) and the North District (Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse) will be the first litigation area in the Los Angeles Superior Court to implement a new case management system. (The implementation of new case management systems in other litigation areas will continue over the next 18-24 months). The new system will provide efficiencies for staff and enhance the court’s ability to maintain complete and easily accessible records. Additionally, the new technology will enable parties to file probate documents electronically in the future.

To facilitate the implementation of the new system and the eventual transition to electronic filing, effective May 2, all documents presented for filing must be filed in the Clerk’s Office with the following exceptions which must be filed in the assigned courtroom:

• Proposed statements of decision
• Mandatory settlement conference and trial briefs
• Peremptory challenges or affidavits of prejudice

Filing a document on the day of the hearing does not constitute an exception to the requirement that documents must be filed in the Clerk’s Office.

Parties must continue to obtain a hearing date from the assigned courtroom prior to filing a motion, and also before filing a notice of intent to move for a new trial.

Please be aware that on April 28 and 29, and the week following implementation, it is anticipated that the process of filing documents will take longer than usual. To the extent possible, it is suggested that you avoid filing nonpriority documents between April 28 and May 6. The probate courtrooms (departments 5, 9, 11, 29, 67, 79, and 99) in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse will be dark April 28 and 29.

The Court appreciates your patience while we make the transition to the new systems.

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