Sherri R. Carter, Los Angeles Superior Court’s Executive Officer, has been named the recipient of the 2016 National Center for the State Courts (NCSC) Distinguished Service Award, one of the highest awards from NCSC.

The award is presented annually to persons who have made significant improvements to the justice system.

“Sherri Carter’s contributions to the justice system are felt nationally as well as in California. Most recently, she has played an integral role in helping to reduce delays and costs in the country’s civil justice system,” said NCSC President Mary C. McQueen.

Carter is being recognized in part for her work on the nationwide Civil Justice Improvements Initiative Committee. Carter has worked on developing guidelines and best practices to improve the quality and efficiency of how the state courts handle civil litigation. Carter, along with the Committee, will be presenting its report in July.

Carter’s innovation can also be seen at the Los Angeles Superior Court. With the development of awardwinning web applications, the public can now receive personalized service, through a multi-language avatar, while navigating the traffic webpage; parties can request language assistance for unlawful detainer (eviction) cases ahead of the scheduled hearing; and people who are struggling to pay citation fees can establish payment plans through the Court’s traffic website. These are a small sample of numerous innovations that have been implemented during Carter’s tenure in Los Angeles.

“Sherri Carter has a national reputation as an innovator in court administration and in caseload management. As the Executive Officer and Clerk of Court for the Los Angeles Superior Court for the past three years, Ms. Carter has improved operational efficiency and, more importantly, created a range of innovations that have allowed us to improve service to the public with limited resources. We are truly privileged to have her many talents devoted to the service of our Court,” said LASC Presiding Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl.

The award will be presented to Carter during the National Association for Court Management Conference on July 11 in Pittsburgh, PA.

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