Los Angeles County Bar Presentation: Understanding & Surviving the Changing Court Environment

The Los Angeles County Bar Association recently held an event about the planned cutbacks to the court system, specifically in the personal injury cases.  The presentation was largely focused on personal injury suits, so while it was very helpful with regards to the court’s consolidation for PI cases, there was minimal discussion on other cutbacks.  Overall, the sentiment was that every change going forward is considered permanent (i.e. the system will not change even if the budget increases over the years), and there was a strong emphasis on settling disputes with opposing counsel outside of the courtroom.  The transition has not been easy and it seems that some files have been misplaced in the transfer of files, so the panel emphasized patience.

Attached are the presentation materials, which include general orders by the court regarding FSCs for PI cases.  Also attached are notes from the presentation which outline the changes in detail.


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