Beginning Thursday, May 23, 2019, the residents of Orange Cove will have videoconferencing access to Traffic Court for the first time. The Fresno Superior Court is pleased to announce the expansion to our RVP/ACCESS (Remote Video Proceeding/Available Court Connection and Electronic Support Services) program, extending traffic self-help services to the eastern Fresno County. Partnering with the cities of Coalinga and Mendota, the Fresno Superior Court introduced the state’s first ever two-way videoconferencing program for traffic infraction proceedings in 2013. Hundreds of people have resolved their traffic matters remotely since the inception of the program. Building off the success of the RVP/ACCESS project, the same services will now be available to the residents of Orange Cove and surrounding communities. By contacting and coordinating with the City, residents will be welcomed by a local representative who will connect them remotely to the Court. The Court will provide remote services including: bilingual web-cam consultation for Traffic self-help services and courtroom support for RVP traffic hearings. Residents can have their questions answered before initiating further proceedings. This project will save time and money for court users, who will not need to drive to Fresno for access to the Traffic Court. In preparation for the launch of this service, the City of Orange Cove has informed residents by inserting flyers in utility bills, posting notices in community areas, publishing information on the City website and having Orange Cove Police Officers provide verbal advisements. Recognizing the benefits RVP/ACCESS to the residents of Fresno County, the Court hopes to expand the services to other rural communities in the future.

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