Enjoying the Fruits of Summer

One of the best things about Summer is all the fruit that is in season, just waiting to be enjoyed.  Farmer’s markets, fruit stands, and grocery markets are teeming with wonderful varieties and selections of fruit.  It can be tempting to over-buy, especially when everything looks and smells so delicious. We have the best intentions of eating or using all that fruit, but sometimes it’s more than we can consume, or it becomes overripe or even rots. Rather than having your fruit go to waste, below are some tips for making the most of your fruit purchases so that you can enjoy them longer.

Beverage Enhancers

Infuse fruit in water for truly refreshing hydration.

Add fruit to your iced tea or lemonade – – this is a total game-changer!

How about some club soda or seltzer water with a little added fruit?

Mimosas, Anyone? Drop some of your favorite fruits into your champagne or prosecco and add the juice from the fruit, too.

Freezer Fun

Frozen Fruit Pops/Slushies – Mash or macerate overripe fruit, add a little lemon to keep the fruit from browning, and add a little sugar to taste. Mix in just enough water, fruit juice, or flavored soda so that you have a thick fruit “soup.”  Ladle the mixture into paper cups and freeze until set or slushy. For the adult version, add a little rum or vodka.

Frozen Margarita – Add chunks of fruit (or mashed fruit) to your margarita mix, add ice, and happy blending!

Save it For Later – Chop/slice/mash that fruit, add a bit of lemon juice to help prevent browning, add a little sugar if desired, mix well, and put in freezer bags to use later.

Baked Goods

Quick Breads/Muffins – Who doesn’t love banana or blueberry bread/muffins?  Or a luscious peach coffee cake? (These can also be frozen and used later.)

Pie, Pie, Me-Oh-My! The ultimate vehicle for summertime fruits!

Tarts/Turnovers – Use biscuit dough or crescent rolls to make these tasty treats.  An air fryer makes them super quick and easy to serve up.

Canning and Preserving

Tried and true, and the best way to enjoy your fruit well into Summer and Fall.  There’s something very satisfying and pleasing about seeing all those jars of fruit or jams/preserves lined up and ready to go into the pantry.


Do you enjoy dried fruits?  Many people do.  Dried fruit makes for great snacks and can be chopped up and used in baked goods, granola, added to yogurt and oatmeal, etc.  You can also make fruit leather or fruit roll-ups, which kids absolutely love!


There are many people who enjoy smoothies or do juice pressing as a regular part of their diet.  Pressing or using a Nutri-Bullet (or similar blender) is a great way to extract all the nutrients from the fruit.  Try it!


If you have more than you think you will use, share it!  Bring a bag to the office and set it in the break room.  Take some to a neighbor, friend, or family.  People absolutely love this!  Make small gift bags of fruit, tie festive ribbons on them, and give them as gifts.  What better way to enjoy the fruits and Summer and share the enjoyment as well?

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