Effective Tuesday, January 17, 2017, the Clerk’s Office will begin rejecting documents that do not comply with Local Rule 3.42 (3A).

• All documents that have exhibit tabs are required to be tabbed for the filing set.
• In addition, any documents that has exhibits are required to be stamped/labeled in the margin the name, address and phone number for the attorney service filing the documents.
• Any and all filings that have documents which contain exhibit are now required by the court to include a “Certification Pleading” from an employee of the attorney service stating the document(s) have been reviewed for compliance with rule 3.1110 of the California Rules of Court, subdivision(f) and that all exhibits have been properly tabbed.

Please note, failure in compliance can result in sanctions from the court. If repeat offender, the matter will be referred to the presiding judge, etc.

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