Changes to Riverside County Superior Court Local Rules and Forms

The judges of the Riverside County Superior Court have voted to make changes to the court’s local rules and forms as listed below.  The court’s complete set of updated local rules will be available prior to July 1, 2013, on the court’s website at by clicking on “Local Rules” under the “General Information” tab.

Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 10.613(g)(1), all proposed rule and form changes were circulated for a 45-day comment period and any comments received were considered in the adoption process.

Title 3 – Civil

Division 1 – Civil Case Management

*Rule 3115 – Where to File Documents (Amended)

*Rule 3116 – Response to Orders to Show Cause (New)

Division 2 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Rule 3290 – Mandatory Settlement Conference Statements (New)

Division 4 – Trial Rules and Procedures

Rule 3401 – Pre-Trial Rule for Trials Called in Master Calendar Departments


Title 4- Criminal

Rule 4001 – Where to File Documents (Amended)

Title 5 – Family and Juvenile Rules

Division 1 – Family Rules

Rule 5101 – Where to File Documents (Amended)

Division 2 – Juvenile Rules

Rule 5225 – Where to File Documents (Amended)

Title 7 – Probate

Division 1 – General Provisions

Rule 7001 – Venue (Amended)

Division 3 – Guardianships

Rule 7311 – Confidential Guardianship Status Report (New)

Local Form – Confidential Cohabitant Screening Attachment (Amended)

Title 8 – Appeals

Rule 8005 – Where to File Documents (Amended)

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