Valentine’s Day Is About All Kinds of Love

Cards, candles, flowers, music, a romantic meal, an overnight getaway.  Just the thought can make one dreamy-eyed. And while Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret, chocolatiers and florists everywhere might disagree, Valentine’s Day (“V-Day”) isn’t just for couples. V-Day is about all kinds of love: family love, friends love, kids love, community love, and even self-love. Love is an act of generosity and unselfishness, yet it is an act that fills the self.

Rather than feed the commercialism that drives one of the biggest gift-giving days of the year (next to Christmas and Mother’s Day), what if we make a deliberate choice to celebrate love a different way this year?

It’s said that every person has their own “love language” – – that way of expressing love that immediately fills a person’s love bank and meets their need for love in the exact way that speaks to them: words of affirmation (compliments); quality time; receiving gifts; acts of service; and physical touch. Most of us have more than one love language, but one that stands out above the others. Consider what your love language is, as well as the love languages of the people that are important to you. How can you use that this Valentine’s Day?  Following are a few suggestions but use your imagination and get creative. You may start looking at V-Day in a whole new way, and maybe even start some new traditions!

Take a meal to someone who could use some love.

Host a “Galentines” happy hour with your gal pals.

Make a date with someone you have been missing.

Put away the electronics, turn off the TV, and make yourself available (to your spouse, your family, etc.)

Offer to take care of a chore or task for someone (or just do it).

Plan a progressive dinner with a few friends/family members.

Write your child a love note.

Play with your child or read together.

Give yourself a manicure/pedicure.

Give someone else a manicure/pedicure.

Tell someone what you appreciate about them/how much they mean to you (out loud).

Give a gift you made yourself that will have special meaning to the recipient.

Hug someone.

Ask for a hug.

Sleep in with your partner.

Make someone laugh.

Make yourself laugh.

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