Guidelines for the Electronic Submission of Certified Copy Requests Revised July 14, 2014

1. Registered electronic filers (e‐filers) may use the electronic filing (e‐filing) system to submit requests for certified copies of documents.

2. EDC Form 1‐200 shall be submitted in PDF format for each case or proceeding in which certified copies are requested.

3. Certified copy requests shall be submitted AFTER the original documents have been entered on docket. Requests for certified copies received before the original documents have been docketed will not be processed. To obtain certified copies, the requestor will have to submit another request after entry of the documents on docket.

4. Instructions for using the e‐filing system to electronically submit requests for certified copies are as follows:

– Log in to the e‐filing system.
– Select the Single File Upload method of uploading documents.
– Select the Filing Type Certified Copy Request from the pick list.
– Enter the Bankruptcy Case Number (format YYYY‐NNNNN), the Adversary Proceeding Number (YYYY‐0NNNN), if applicable, and the DCN, or Docket Control Number (DDD‐NNN), if any.
– Browse for and select the File containing the EDC Form 1‐200 that requests the copies, in PDF Format. This will add it to the List of Files to be Uploaded.
– Click Continue. Confirm your submission and then click Submit documents listed above to the court.

5. The e‐Filing system will automatically route electronically submitted requests for certified copies to the appropriate Clerk’s Office staff for processing. The fees prescribed by the Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule (currently $.50 for each page copied and $11.00 for each document certified) will be handled as an account receivable. The next time you log in to the e‐Filing system, you will be notified that payment is required. The amount shown as “currently due” will include the fees for the certified copy, as well as any other accumulated charges due the Clerk’s Office.

6. Certified copies will be sent by U.S. mail to the request or third party, as requested on EDC Form 1‐200. In the alternative, parties may indicate on the form that they wish to pick the copies up at a divisional office of their choosing.

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