The Supreme Court’s new electronic filing system will begin operation on November 13, 2017. A quick link on the Court’s website homepage will provide access to the new system, developed in-house to provide prompt and easy access to case documents. Once the system is in place, virtually all new filings will be accessible without cost to the public and legal community.

Initially the official filing of documents will continue to be on paper in all cases, but parties who are represented by counsel will also be required to submit electronic versions of documents through the electronic filing system. The filings will then be posted to the Court’s docket and made available to the public through the Court’s website. Filings from parties appearing pro se will not be submitted through the electronic filing system, but will be scanned by Court personnel and made available for public access on the electronic docket.

Attorneys who expect to file documents at the Court will register in advance to obtain access to the electronic filing system. Registration will open 4-8 weeks before the system begins operation. Additional information about the system is available through the “Electronic Filing” quick link on the Supreme Court’s website: https://www.supremecourt.gov/.


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